concept render trailers via sketchUP


Enclosed is a list of concept render trailers that were created in sketchUP (and enhanced with a variety of other programs) of my favorite computer programs on the planet. I often use sketchUP as a base to my hybrid creative process.

As you can see on my blog throughout, the base models created are used in early planning mode of any project size and scale and help develop clear massing direction without committing to any specific architecture style.  This will help your clients especially with particular set of needs.


please click the following pdf file image below to see the many extracted stills taken from similar sketchUp models


animation and concept planning modeling

waterfront housing in dubai

concept + sketch render process:various projects

mixed use

20, 30, 50 story commercial office towers in moscow, russia

mixed use

20,30,50 story

commercial office towers in moscow, russia

mixed use ohio

palm springs art colony

housing/mixeduse masterplan

puterDOODLES + concepts

patton soccer park expansion design concepts

new 750 seat theatre building on a school campus faribault minnesota

concept design for Jacksonville

University film + tele studios